Tracking conversion rates

Hey guys! Would any of you know the simplest way to track conversion rates for a MemberStack site (conversion from landing page to MemberStack member)?


Hi Traf! :wave:

The easiest way is to setup a unique welcome page for each membership. Something like /success/membership-name.

Then, you can use a tool like Google Analytics to track the total number of unique users who enter your site and the number of users who make it to your success pages. Nice and simple!


Thanks @DuncanHamra! As of now, our members get sent to a /dashboard page which is hidden by default to non-members. So you’re saying all I’d have to do is use Google Analytics or a similar tool to track total unique /dashboard views divided by total unique landing page views to get the conversion rate. Correct?

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You could do that, but it’s not going to give you a perfectly accurate picture. Instead, I recommend setting up a page that users will only ever visit onetime immediately after signing up. Something like this…

Your membership would look something like this. Where the welcome page is only ever used to welcome new users. Ideally, you would have one-page per membership.

Cool, will try it out. Thank you!

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@DuncanHamra Hey Duncan,

I wanted to follow up with this, and a point you made about the landing page. You reference having a page like success/membership-name

Is there a way? To auto-generate a unique url using members ID #'s so that when they sign up, the landing page is:

Does that make sense? So that each transaction has a unique url to it. And also, should that member decide to go back to that page, it will only count it once-per-lifetime in respect to attributing this landing page to a custom conversion value (using w/ Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel Ads Tracking) .

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Hey there!

It’s technically possible, but I’m worried you might run into timing issues. If you use a new member webhook or Zapier there’s a chance the page will be generated after the redirect occurs.

I’m not sure what the solution is here, but I’ll let you know if we find a quality solution.

One idea… can you track the # of conversions from sign up page to landing page? That way, it won’t matter how many page views the landing page has… only the number of people who went directly from one to the other.

Hey, just to follow up on this, I was interested in finding unique landing pages just to get a better sense of customer data. It appears I am able to get what I need in Analytics. I will say that unique landing page IDs definitely seem to integrate with GA better, when I used showclix they had a unique order landing generator thing and it meshed with GA revenue tracking really well. But mostly good here with GA tracking to the unique landing page for all members.