Tracking Members' Activity

Is there a way to see how often individual members login or track their activity?

For example, if I wanted to reward members based on their activity on my website, is there anyway to track this?

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@James_Kelly yes, you can track their activity by using a few different methods. However, it all depends on what (and how) you want to track…and how you plan to use it. The devil is always in the details. It will require custom code to get it done.


Hey James! I recommend an analytics service like Heap. You can pass a user’s information to Heap, and track almost every interaction they have with your site.

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On our integrations page at the very bottom, we have a code snippet that integrates with heap.

@DuncanHamra and @belltyler, does heap allow you to “do” something with the data that’s being tracked from the context of the app? For example, can I leverage the user’s behaviors to show them something on site via a JS API or something?

@jason_tinnin no :sweat:

That’s what he was asking…I want to “track” actions then “do” something with those actions (reward members).

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Ah I see now. You’re right, heap falls short there then.

@James_Kelly can you give us an example of an activity you would like to track + reward for?

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Thanks, Jason. I think you’re looking for something more high-level than I am but appreciate the advice! I’ll likely use Heap as recommended.

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Thanks Duncan! Will check this out!

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Sounds like you need something like Appcues!

Hey guys, let’s back up a sec…my point is this…we cannot offer a solution to a problem that is unknown. For example:

What do you want to track? Just logins? Something else?
What do you want to do with it once it’s tracked?
What does “reward” mean to you? Offline? In App? Based on some rules?

Once we have that, then we can better assist @James_Kelly by providing either software (heap, appcues, etc) or we might find that the solution is MUCH simpler…like just using MetaData to store simple activity which is already built in. Or some sort of “notification” to @James_Kelly via Zapier to let him know that XYZ user meets the criteria and “send” them a reward (once we figure out what that is).

If we can just go back here


I’ve a client who simply wants to see how often specific users sign in (by name and email - not by a randomised reference number) so that they can either reach out via email and reward OR reward on memberstack.

Any idea how this might be possible?


hey Jason, good idea, so I think it’s probably much simpler.

I simply want to see how often a user (name, email) has signed in over any length of period.

Once I can see that, for example, John Doe,, has signed in 5 times, I can send them a reward manually via email or automatically via Zapier or something similar.



Based on that information, my suggestion would be to just use built in MetaData provided by Memberstack and keep count of the number of logins. Each time they login, just increase it by one. Then, once it hits 5, post a Zapier webhook via AJAX to notify you (or send them something automatically).


Hi Jason,

Please can you advise on how we implement this meta data to be able to track how many times members login?

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Here is a very basic way to track the number of times a member logs in. This example isn’t the most efficient, but it should be easy to follow.

MemberStack.onReady.then(function(member) {
	if (member.loggedIn  == true){
		// If this is the member's first visit, then set visits=1 in metadata.  
		if (!metadata.visits){
			var memberActions = {
				visits: 1
		// If visits already exists, increment its value
		else {
			var oldValue = metadata.visits;
			var newValue = oldValue + 1;
			memberActions = {
				visits: newValue

Where do I add this code? Do I add this to the header of our site within the original MemberStack script? Or just to the login page html? - and where will this data then be available to view? Will it show the activity on our dashboard in Memberstack?


Thanks Scoot, I’d be happy to have more information about this as well:

  1. Should I add this code on all pages or only the login page?
  2. Will I see this metadata into my members’ database within Memberstack? (i.e. as a value in a new column)
    Thanks so much for your help!
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I’m adding this as a feature to the roadmap :+1:

:triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post: [Feature sent to roadmap] :triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post:

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