Tracking Members' User Journey


I’m making an online course. I would like to be able to track a user’s journey through the course content.

Is there a way to see which pages they’ve been to, and which they are yet to click through to? Custom code?

Ultimately this is so that if they accidentally bounce out of the course content (back to the homepage or their dash), I can easily redirect them to where they left off.


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Hey George :wave:

To do something like this would take some custom code. We suggest getting in touch with a freelance developer. You can find one here if you do not know anyone. :smiley:

to track users we like to use heap analytics but this would not redirect the user for you, just keep track of them.


Great thanks Josh :raised_hands:t3:

Could I use Heap to track users, and relay their progress to AirTable / Webflow CMS via Zapier in real time?

For example, they are watching “Video 3”, which is tracked by Heap and updated in an AirTable base which updates a “latest video” field in their Webflow CMS User Item. Then I can link a button on their user profile page to that “latest video” field.

I don’t see the heap app on the list of apps on zapier.

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Shit it. Custom code it is then! Thank you for finding that out for me Josh, much appreciated.

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Thanks for this Josh.

But can you tell me what type of custom code?

As is what skillset/experience I would be looking for in a freelancer?

Hey Brant :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

We recommend adding your project here to be sent to Memberstack freelancers that can get you on the right path. :smiley: