Transferring Memberships Between Stripe Accounts

I started using Memberstack with the Stripe account for my consulting and tech company. However, I’ve created a new separate Stripe account and business entity specifically for this project. It just happened to get to revenue prior to the entity, bank account and Stripe account being established.

I have active paying subscriptions. Will those subscriptions be canceled, stay on the current Stripe account or will they transfer automatically to the new account?

I was about to disconnect the current Stripe account and move things to the new Stripe account for the separate entity but didn’t know how that would impact Memberstack payments.

Hi Adrian,

We will need to help you make the transition to the new stripe account. First, you’ll want to get Stripe to “migrate” the customers from your old account to your new account. Since you own both accounts, they should be able to do easily.

Once that’s done, we can safely disconnect your current account so that you can connect the new one :+1: