Transferring User Data to Airtable

I’ve currently set up Zapier to update records in Airtable every time a member profile is updated. The issue with this is that I have a multi-page user profile (for job applications) so each user updates their profile at least 6 times to simply set up their account. As you can imagine, this would get pretty costly to scale since Zapier charges based on the number of actions you perform, so if each user is updating their profile 6+ times then I’d run out of actions pretty quickly.

I was wondering if I could implement a delay so that profile updates are only pushed to Zapier after about 15 minutes, so that the users have had a chance to make all the changes to their account and only then would Zapier perform a single transfer of data from Memberstack to Airtable.

If there’s any other better ways to do this then please let me know. Thanks!

Hey Vatsal :wave:

We think this may be a use case where you would need a developer to create something that stored all the options and on the last page of your workflow you would use our backend API to update the user which would trigger a single zap. You can add your project and find a developer using this form. :smiley: