Trigger or Zap for Failed Password Attempt

Is there some way to fire off a Zapier integration (or other) when individuals attempt to login to their account but fail? The idea is that sometimes folks genuinely forget their passwords and give up after a few tries. I’d like to be proactive and send them an email that would say something like this:

“trouble logging in? just do this to get back into your account or reach out directly and we’ll help you out asap!”

Just trying to be as proactive as possible during these times where folks seem to be looking for any reason to give up, cancel, or not engage.


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Hi John! This sounds like a great job for a front-end dev and a tiny bit of custom code.

If someone tries to log in with the same email 2-3 times then send them an email. I know it’s not something we can add to the codebase quickly, but it should be possible.

If you need an intro do some fair/trustworthy devs let me know.

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