Trying to change a members plan with signup link

I created a daily pass with a 24hr valid period and members signed up using that pass that went great no problems.
I’m now trying to help a member move to a monthly plan and am using the guidance and workaround provided here:

and here ie creating a signup link

I’m using the signup link provided in the MS UI on my signup page but when the existing daily member selects the monthly pass option they go into the checkout flow with a daily pass selected by default and no way to change it…

Hey Tim! :wave:

After reading your post my gut reaction is to ask if you have made sure you are using the right membership sign-up link. Have you double-checked this? If so then would you mind sending me a quick loom video of your process? You can private message me this if it makes you more comfortable. Together we will figure this out! :smiley:

Working on loom video right now PMing you the signup page

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Just sent you links to signup page with screen shots from backend.