Two signup modals for two membership types, possible?

Hi everyone,

I have two types of memberships. A basic and a premium one. How can I have two different sign up modals? I need to collect different data for each type of membership. When I go into the “Signup” tab in the “Forms and Fields” section, it only allows me to put one form together which it shows for both membership signups.

So, either I need to be able to have two different signup modals, one for each membership. Or I need to be able to to create them myself and connect them to each type of membership. How do I do that?

I am building this website with Webflow.

Thanks in advance.

Hey Wladimir :wave:

Great question! It’s possible to create multiple signup forms if you build your own using the custom signup form. It’s not possible to customize the default signup modal to collect different profile info for each membership. What you would need to do is create a signup form in webflow and then assign the form element an attribute of data-ms-form=“signup” then you would add attributes to all your input fields to match what you have in Memberstack which would have data-ms-member at the beginning and your custom field id at the end.