Two types of members, different client areas

Hi memberstack,

I have two types of members that will be logging in via memberstack.

Trainers and Clients.

Is it possible for the trainers to be taken to their unique CMS page “/trainers” and clients to be taken to their unique CMS page “/clients”? I have turned on Member Specific Pages, but it only allows for one URL which I have set as /clients.

The issue I am having is when a trainer logs in, they are taken to the “/clients” CMS page which returns a 404. For clients it works as intended.

I am thinking a work around would be to create another memberstack site where I have trainers set up to be taken to the appropriate CMS page but feel this might be unnecessary.

Hey Ozone :wave:

Great question! I think this is possible. I found a great forum post that is similar here. :smiley:


Thank you Josh, you’re a life saver :smiley:

For people reading this in the future, under the “member specific pages” I removed “/clients” and left it blank (but still enabled). On the members profile, I would prepend the cms page to the “member page” section.

So it now looks like “clients/5ef685d49e97fd9761f5a45c”.
For my trainers, their member page section looks like “trainers/5ef685d59e97fd976h7346jn”

I also set up different membership levels, so that the trainers can also view the client’s page.