Two-way communication between accounts?

Ok, I hope I will explain this correctly:

I’m looking to create an MVP for a platform in which something like an agency can manage marketing campaigns within the platform. There would be two kind of “members”

  1. The agency
  2. The client

each having different functionality.

Is it possible to make these two types of accounts speak to each other where clients could upload needed documents and the agency would see it populate into their dashboard. Agencies could show their progress on campaigns and the information will populate into the dashboard of the client. Without having to create a new memberstack account for each one

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Hi Mark! Since you’re using Webflow for this project the answer is yes! It won’t be an easy build, but it’s possible to build an entire agency/client project management system with more than one agency. I can’t picture all the details, but I have a feeling it will work something like the site Aron set up in his live stream last night… but on steroids. haha

You’ll want to map everything out on paper before you dive into MemberStack, Webflow, Zapier, and whatever you use as a database.

Great! I suspect there would be some complicated work on the backend. I haven’t really done anything like this before (Just regular websites), but I’m thinking Airtable+Zapier+Webflow+Memberstack can accomplish it all.

Now I just need to figure out how to make it work!

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