Typeform form submit to update memberstack and webflow cms?

Is it possible to connect a typeform and have those results dynamically saved to a profile in memberstack and have it update in webflow too? Even if there are multiple typeforms and different questions in each?

webflow profile page:
User clicks typeform
it opens in the profile page
user fills it out
hits close
the questions and answers from that particular typeform result are attached to that specific user, updated in memberstack and updated in webflow.
This way they can see their own results in their profiles… and other users can see their results too…

Ideally I’d like to make it automatic in the webflow cms and memberstack if possible.

I’m struggling with currently figuring out:

Zapier workflow
Updating a live item in webflow, since there are up to 3 typeform forms the user can choose from and submit. So figuring out how to save those results and and also get rid of any old results attached to the user.

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Hey Cody :wave:

I know it’s possible, but I’m not sure how “Seamless” it will be. Should go something like…

Typeform → Zapier → Memberstack → Webflow.

You’ll need to pass the user’s email or ID into the Typeform so who know who submitted it. Marc shared how to do that here: How to pass hidden fields to a Typeform embed

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