Unable to personalize UI on Webflow

I’m not sure how to personalize… it appears as though the custom fields no longer support the function. Can someone lend a helping hand? :raised_hand:

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Hello Jake!
Can you explain a little more in detail please? Maybe a quick Loom https://www.loom.com/ video will help understand the situation. :slight_smile:


Here is a link to some info about the front end api.


Hey Jake :wave:

You can add data-ms-member=“FIELDVALUE” to a text element to display a member’s data.

You can also add it to an image to replace the image src, or you can add it to an input to replace the default value.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Josh + Duncan
I tried finding the name and values of my custom fields, but they aren’t appearing where they should be. Take a look below:

Yay it’s working! Well kinda lol… it’s working 100% fine on my site, it’s just not showing the name/value area on my Memberstack account. Which isn’t a big deal but other people may be experiencing the issue as well.
Thanks guys :smile:

PS. Memberstack is a life-saver