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Hey, guys.

I’m trying to find a way to show content relevant for a specific user after logging in via memberstack.

For example; we have one client that has a long list of orders from various end-users. If end-user X is logging into the portal I would like to filter out every order belonging to that end-user. Is there any way I can do that via for example zapier or airtable?

Hi @maustnes, @DuncanHamra created a tutorial on how to create user-specific pages here - https://www.memberstack.io/dashboard-tutorial

This is super interesting! My company does personalized travel recommendations for users on a monthly basis, so it’d be great to have unique private pages they can visit. The only thing is I want to have it so users login using the custom onboarding flow we have our existing site tripsha.com and then are automatically considered logged in on memberflow (so some kind of SSO I guess) so that it feels seamless from their side. Not sure if this is possible?

Thanks so much for replying.

This is fantastic - and I’ve seen that. The only problem here is that I need to manually add a page for each client. I would rather have one standard page and filter out the information for each client. Any idea on that?

Yes, @cassiecarmine. That is exactly what I’m after. Keep in touch if you crack the issue.

@maustnes @cassiecarmine You don’t need to manually create a new page for each member. If you’re using Webflow, you can create one dynamic CMS collection page that serve as a template page for all of your members. It is briefly mentioned in one of the member dashboard tutorial videos linked above, assuming you already know how Webflow CMS collection pages work.

With Webflow CMS collection pages, a new member page will be generated from that template page with member-specific information as soon as you add that new member into your “members” CMS collection.

If you would like to take this one step further, and automatically add a new member into your Webflow CMS members collection each time a new member signs up, then you can use a third-party task automation app like Zapier.


Hello @alankemsley,

Is there a way to display API content in Webflow generated member-specific page that is specific to each member?

In other words, is it possible to make an API detect member ID and return content for that specific ID on the member-specific page (or something of the sort)?

I need members to be able to upload .csv files and have a program merge them, detect discrepancies, save files, and trigger email creation from a template if a discrepancy is detected.
I have checked and it seems this goes way beyond what Webflow can do with collections.

Thank you

Hi Laura,

What you’re describing is 100% possible but would require custom code.

We have a JS hook that allows you to get the member ID of the current logged in member. With that you could return it to an API :smiley:

Here’s a link to the docs https://help.memberstack.io/post/front-end-api

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Thanks! I actually had that same question myself as I am just beginning to get to that point in developing our site.

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Hi Tyler

I’m looking to return user specific data (for the user currently logged in) into a static page in webflow.

The variable I want to return is the weight variable, for the member currently logged in and therefore matching the client reference.

I don’t understand how to use the API to reference this, is there a video/instruction you could guide me to?

Any help would be much appreciated.


It’s all totally doable!

So I have several video walkthroughs that show how to do exactly all of this. Here is one that shows how to do personalization without manually adding a page for each client:

Here’s another to add unique dashboards for each signed up member (without manually adding anything):

Check out some of the videos listed on the site, they walk through similar use-cases.

If you have questions, post them here, I’m happy to help.

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