Unique coupons?

Hey crowd, any way to generate or setup automatic unique coupons?

ie I’m trying to come up with a solution for customers who have purchased a one-time product, and want to purchase my second product, but still have access to the first - as Memberstack considers this to be ‘changing plans’.

ie After one purchase, they can buy the ‘Bundle’ which allows access to both products (all same price btw) by purchasing essentially both for the price of one.

  1. Need a way to restrict this purchase from new customers
  2. Need a way to provide this to customers who have already purchased one of the products!


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Goes without saying I want this to be automatic to avoid having to manually generate each unique coupon so it can’t be abused!

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Hi Cat,

Quick video for you: https://www.loom.com/share/b91cd447091b4394b248f7fa050bc576\

I hope this helps. If you have any images or links please send those along too. Will help me think this through more clearly

Hi @DuncanHamra, thanks for the video. Reading back I should’ve made this two separate questions.

Still I did think of the half price bundle option only accessible to logged in members as a solution. I’m glad you think this could work too - but I still have a concern.

I’m trying to avoid a scenario where a customer who has purchased product A then wants to buy product B and because I have to have it publicly available for new customers, is able to ‘switch’ and lose access to product A.

The only way I can think of attempting to stop this is a note near the button warning existing members to log in and only purchase while logged in to ‘upgrade’ so to speak.

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On a separate note, I was asking about the possibility of creating unique coupons, or limiting the number that can be used, is this possible now?

(Was considering a workaround for the above problem by sending a first purchaser an auto and unique coupon for the ‘upgrade’ to both products.)

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I’m afraid creating unique coupons and/or limiting the number that can be used isn’t optimal in Memberstack yet. That’s something we’ll need to focus in on in the near future.

Thank you for all this excellent feedback. I wish I had more yes’s for you, but we have a long ways to go :mountain:

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