Unique Purchase Options

Hi there,

I’m looking for a way to sell a product that can only be purchased with a unique code, rather than just discounted.

The idea is to have 50 or so tickets for sale that are only available to customers on our DB that have a unique code that will be distributed via email.

Feel like I might be making this more complicated than necessary but any help would appreciated!


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Hello, @DPacino! Just an idea…

what if you created a membership for this specific product and set the price to something really high - if the product is $50 then set it to $500 for example. Then use a unique coupon code with a limited number of uses. Distribute the coupon code so that whenever someone uses it then it discounts to the originally intended price of $50.


Thanks for the reply @jmatias :slight_smile: The more ideas the merrier!

Hey @DPacino! Welcome to the community.

Let me start by restating to make sure I have the right idea: Only customers should be able to purchase a ticket and each customer can only buy one.

If that’s the case, I see two possible options.

  1. Place an eCommerce tool on a page that’s only accessible to members. Set a limit of 50 (or however many members you have) to avoid overselling.
  2. Create a one-time membership and place the upgrade button on a members-only page. There are a few reasons why this may not be a perfect solution yet. When they upgrade they are technically changing memberships.

In the future, we hope to have a way to do #1 right inside of MemberStack.

I’m curious to hear what you think. I’m realizing now that there are a few questions I should have asked first. Like, how are you currently solving this and are you comfortable with custom code? There may be other solutions depending on your answers.


Thanks for the swift replies @jmatias @DuncanHamra

I think the members only ecommerce tool method would work but I would still need a way of allowing purchase only to those who have a unique code.

@jmatias setting a high price would definitely work as a roundabout method but I can see it potentially leading to confusion for some.

Unfortunately my coding skills are pretty poor so any custom code would need to be outsourced. Regardless, feel free to through some at me though!


What purpose do the codes serve? Are they just to prevent non-members from purchasing?

Yes and also to limit one purchase per person and to avoid code sharing.

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Jumping back in because I thought of one other idea that could help you @DPacino - as Duncan mentioned, you can use an eCommerce tool. We use Shopify for one of our other businesses and I am aware that you can create a Shopify “Buy Button” and use a small code snippet to embed the button on any website. Could this be a possible solution for you? here’s a link:

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