Update #21 - Flexible Billing Frequency

Flexible billing options are here!

Bill customers every 2 weeks, every 3 months, every 30-days, etc. whatever you need!


Awesome news! :clap:


@DuncanHamra I emailed you about the insurance site I need to build for a client. I think this is what I was looking for. Can this billing feature be flexible per customer account? Do they receive an email for when the bill is due?

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Hey @russell! By, “flexible per customer account” are you asking if each customer can have their own unique payment amount and billing cycle? So user A might pay $200/mo while user B pays $123/mo and user C pays $500/yr?

As far as emailing/billing, MemberStack will automatically charge the card they have on file. You can specify in Stripe if you want them to receive a notice before they are charged and/or a receipt after the charge is complete.

@DuncanHamra Yep, correct about the billing. The client I’m building the site for has different insurance services so their customers have unique amounts and cycles. Is that doable?

Do you know how many variations there are? MemberStack isn’t good at a lot of variation. My gut feeling is that there’s a better solution out there to handle the billing side of things.

Does your client need a member’s area as well, or just the billing portion?

Just the billing portion. They’d need a member login to sign up/in and pay their bill. I believe they only pay monthly or semi annually (every 6 months).

Hello @DuncanHamra! Loving all of this.
Do you see Memberstack having any ability in the future to build a membership billing cycle like Adobe’s famous one of an annual commitment, but a monthly payment?



Possibly :crossed_fingers:It might be hard to enforce, but I can see the appeal. I’ll this to our feedback board :grin:


+1 on this :pray:
It would be handy because it would allow us to ask for a more significant commitment but facilitate the pocket of our clients.

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