Update #22 - Improved Member Search

We rebuilt the entire Members page. Here’s what’s new:

Instant search and filters

Just start typing! We’ll return any members that could be a match. Before, we could search based on name and email. Now, you can search by name, email, and any custom field! Do you ask for the user’s location when they signup? Now you can find out how many people live in the US vs. the UK, for example.

We also added some easy filtering. You can quickly locate members by status, membership, and type.

Basic analytics

Have you ever wondered how many active members are subscribed to a particular plan? Now you can find out at a glance. When you first load the page, MemberStack will display the total number of users. As you search, that number will change into the number of search results.

Other Members stuff

Pagination works now! If you have hundreds/thousands of members you know how bad it was before :sweat_smile:

This new build is more flexible and more stable. It’s going to be MUCH easier to make additions and improvements in the future (so keep those feature requests coming).

Other UI improvements

Lastly, we started rebuilding the left-hand navbar. This will make it much easier to keep things organized as we add new features. Stay tuned for more improvements here soon.