Update member event only pull Fist Name, Lastname email and memberstack id into zapier

until today, I had a zap which will update the webflow collection when the user updated his profile. I wanted to add a new field to the zap, But the field never showed up. So I repeat step 1 in zapier, The only memberstack fields showing up where the basic fields, firstname, Lastname, email, and ID. None of my custom fields show up.

I tried to create a new zap, and the same thing happens. How do I get all my custom fields showing up? It did do this in the past.


This has more to do with Zapier. When creating a new zap in Step 1, Zapier will look for an existing example member in your MemberStack member database, and only pull in the data fields that are filled out. You need to make sure you have at least one member in MemberStack that has all their profile fields filled out, and select that member to build the rest of the zap with.

I would just create a new dummy account on your website as if you were a customer, and then go into MemberStack, find that new member, and manually fill out every custom field with dummy data. Save, then create your zap.

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