'Update Membership' CTA vs 'Complete Signup'?

I’m setting up a multi-step checkout where entering payment details is the last step. When I set it up like this however, the checkout modal says “Update Membership” instead of the normal “Complete Signup” or “Complete Checkout”.

How can I change the CTA on my checkout modal to say “Complete Signup” instead of “Update Membership”?


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Great question! Add this code before your Memberstack script.

<script> window.textOverride = {
"pay_update_membership": "Update Membership",
} </script>

Then, you can replace the Update Membership text with whatever you want. :+1:


Perfect! I’ll try this out asap.

This worked for the checkout modal header but the button still says “Change Membership”, see this screenshot:


Hi Steve!

This article should help you update the text :smile:


Thank you good sir, you’re a lifesaver! :clap:


I am unable to view this link. Can you share how I can change the CTA text on my update form?

Hey @mango2916,

Here is the correct article: https://help.memberstack.com/en/articles/3931311-edit-default-ui-text

Let us know how you get on!

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