Update memberstack metadata info through zapier

  1. Please build something that lets me use webflow forms to send data to the memberstack meta-data section.

  2. This is important to me because the user will be able to add a remove any kind of data without adding custom fields for each item in memberstack.

  3. My current workaround is coding javascript inside webflow to update the metdata.


Hi Nahed! Thanks for posting. I’ll add this to our roadmap :grinning:


Nice! Looking forward to this, it will open a lot of opportunities! :smiley:

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Hey @Nahed I’m not sure I visualize how a generic Webflow form submission going to MetaData might make sense. Granted, I use it like you where I use the JS API to push the data to MetaData from a form submission, however trying to avoid the JS API…maybe I don’t understand the use case. Can you share a potential use case where avoiding the JS API would be preferable?

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