Update Specific User in CMS

Hello MemberStack Team,

I have a question which I have not figured out yet, I know when a new account is created the users are saved in memberstack and I can create the new user in webflows cms using zapier but when a user updates his info how can I target that specific user in CMS for the changes to take place in memberstack and also in the CMS.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Steven! Great question. It’s something we hear alot, and have finally worked out a proper solution.

The new “Find a Freelancer” page on MemberStack is using Webflow, Zapier, MemberStack, and a google sheet to let freelancers create and update profiles.

This video will give you a high level overview of how it works. It’s not bad at all if you don’t need images… images are doable, but they are tricky.

I hope this helps!

Please let us know if you have any questions. Hopefully this thread will become a useful resource for future users!


thank you Duncan,

I had a feeling this used id’s and I can see this requires a multistep zap. I understand how this works.


Awesome! Just be careful when you’re setting it all up. The membership-id and the id look very similar. You want to use the id from MemberStack and the id from the Webflow CMS.

haha lots of ids!


is there an alternative for zapier? would like to test this before upgrading the plan on zapier.


@Steven we do have webhook support that allows you to use Zapier alternatives for the triggers. An example of this is integromat

It’s just not possible to update a Member yet outside of Zapier. That’s still in development.

So for now if you need to update a member, then Zapier is the way to go.



for some reason I cant find Memberstack in zapier.

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ok just saw that I needed the invite link to add Memberstack to Zapier. I see there are two versions 1.0.1 and 1.1.0 which one should I choose?

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Hey @Steven! You want 1.1.0. The other version will get deleted soon.


finally I was able to make this work! thank you guys, looking forward on doing more advanced stuff.

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Hi @belltyler and @DuncanHamra,
Is it possible to update members using Integromat yet?

Answering my own question :wink:

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be possible. MemberStack doesn’t have a native Integromat integration and there’s currently no webhook to update the info on MemberStack.

Is anything like that planned? Or should I just go with Zapier?

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Go with Zapier for now, but stay tuned for an Integromat Webhook. We do have plans to add one.

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Sweet! Keep us posted :wink:

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Hey everyone (tagging in @Josh-Lopez as you’re so active!),

Any update with regards to Integromat webhook?

Building out my membership site, a part of that functionality requires me to update a custom Memberstack member’s field (with their dashboard slug, pulled from the Webflow CMS). Currently got this running in Zapier, but would prefer Integromat due to the vastly cheaper cost of their service.

Hey Andy :wave:

Webhooks should be working with integromat! Here is a loom video that should help :smiley:

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Awesome, thanks @Josh-Lopez! Just to check - will this allow me to use Integromat to update Memberstack information within Memberstack itself?

Yes it should! If you have any trouble let us know. This is fairly new. If you are not yet on the community slack channel I suggest getting on. You can get in #developer there where they are discussing integromat right now. :smiley:

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@Josh-Lopez just to follow up - I’ve finally had a chance to sit down and watch that video. I think it was exactly what I needed! I will be testing it this weekend - for some reason I thought this could only be achieved in Zapier. You may have just saved me $40/month (and increased the number of Operations per month by 8000!)

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@Josh-Lopez Thank you for that video. I may be missing something, but is there an example of Watching Webflow Records (Publish or Form Submission) and having the Webflow ID passed across to a Custom Field in Memberstack?

I have tried setting this up using your HTTP commands and I am having a “403” * {“message”:“Missing Authentication Token”} returned.

Any advice is appreciated. Best, Matt