Update Specific User in CMS

@Josh-Lopez @Chris I have submitted a bug report to follow up on my previous post.

Hi @Matthew_Gavioli @Josh-Lopez

My error is the same as Matthews, how long ago was this submitted and do we think there is a fix soon as looking to implement this asap.

My issue is the same as so do you still want me to submit a report?



@Chris The more information they have the better! I only submitted now, based on Josh’s post.

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I have submitted, reading some of the post’s some people have this working?

@Josh-Lopez @belltyler Has there been any feedback on the bug reports submitted?

Hey Matthew :wave:

Our dev team is actively looking into this issue — we’re evaluating the core problem so we can share an estimate for a fix, please hang tight and we’ll drop you an update as soon as possible. :smiley:

Looking at your JSON it seems you have an extra “}” at the end. Other than that this should work and we cannot replicate it.

@Josh-Lopez No Change to the outcome unfortunately. Is there any other advice or direction you provide to help. I noticed that fields I have previously deleted are still appearing when I run it through Postman. Could that be related in any way? I posted a separate report in regards to this irregularity.

Should I start a new account all together?

Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 8.02.37 pm

Hi there, running into this issue as well…

Any update and/or timeline on making memberPage updatable via the API? This is a major blocker with no apparent workaround, so a fix is greatly greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


FYI, for anyone interested, this is up and live. Tyler clarified the correct JSON as well:

“customFields”: {
“webflow-member-id”: “{{2._id}}”
“memberPage”: “{{1.profile.id}}”

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Is anyone else still have problems with this? If so, let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

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I was literally writing a message out here until I tried one more thing and then I got it to work.

One issue I ran into is that the double quotes (") weren’t formatted correctly, they were curled and so code didn’t pick it up as proper double quotes to initialise a string.

Make sure you use https://jsonlint.com/ to check that your JSON is valid and the double quotes are valid.

See below my working POST (to update a Memberstack member):

Let me know if you guys have any trouble!

Hi Guys,

I am still struggling, I don’t get any error but need to pass the itemid from webflow to memberstacks memberpage.

I usually do this with a lookup table in Airtable. I’ll add the item id to it and the MemberStack member id to it.

The MemberStack front end api allows you to access the member id so I add it to a hidden form field, on form submit I have it.

In Zapier I lookup the member id from the form submit and get the Webflow item it from it.

Hi Chris,

Thank you for the reply,

I have implemented the solution to the point of last request which is http, I am not using airtable only webflow and member stack. My process is:

  • Custom Webhook (which see’s memberstack add a new member)
  • Creates item (add the new item in the collection on webflow)
  • updates item (so that the slug is updated with the to the itemid just created)
  • http request (to post the itemid to the members page in memberstack) - this point is not working

So from this forum I have followed the advice but it doesn’t update the member profile in memberstack from webflow.

You’re not showing your full Integromat scenario, just the last non-working module. Nor are you showing the values of the dynamic fields added in that module. It’s super difficult to understand why it’s not working without a full picture.

I find a lot of times with Integromat I won’t get the actual error reported back and I need to use something like cURL to hit the API endpoint to understand what’s wrong.

Your last screenshot of the http module looks like my working http module in integromat minus the value of 1. id and 6. Slug so those values are suspect along with your api key.

Make a direct cURL API request to MemberStack using the same values in your Integromat http module and I bet you’ll quickly see the problem :sunglasses:

Quick update…

Here are the cURL commands I use to first get the list of members (along with member id) and then update the member page for a particular member:

curl \

Replace INSERT_API_KEY_HERE with your own.

That will spit back errors if it fails, if it works, snag the member id you want from it and…

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -d '{"memberPage":"INSERT_MEMBER_PAGE_HERE"}' \


Then I open the MemberStack dashboard, go to that members profile and et voila! Time to kick back and drink :beers: :sunglasses: