Updates #1-18ish

Catchup time! Below are some of the important announcements we made in our first 4 months of business.

#18 - Zapier Integration

You can now connect MemberStack to Zapier. There are four triggers available.

  1. New Member
  2. Member Profile Updated
  3. Membership Canceled
  4. Member Deleted
    More triggers and actions are already in the works!
    Our Zapier APP is still in Beta, so it’s only available through an invite link found on our integrations page. https://app.memberstack.io/integrations

#17 Rewardful Integration

Connect your Rewardful account to MemberStack to instantly create an affiliate program.

#16 Signup & Login Modals

Set up sites even more quickly with a pre-build signup/login modal + streamlined checkout.

#15 - Automatic CSV Exports & Taxes

You can now export a CSV with member info without any help from us. Perfect for importing member info into a mailing service such as SendGrid, MailChimp, etc.

Charge a flat tax percentage per membership plan.

#14 - Multi-step Signup & Delete Members

Create high converting signup flows that look and feel exactly the way you want.

You can now delete any member without any help from the MemberStack team! Another step closer to leaving beta.

#13 - Dashboard Improvements, API Improvements, and Language Support

Dashboard Improvements:

  1. You can now see the member’s membership, and their status, right from the member’s page.

  2. If you are using the member metadata API, you can now view/edit the member’s metadata in the dashboard.

JS API Improvement:

  1. You can now access the member’s membership info. (https://support.memberstack.io/en-us/article/front-end-api-docs-17wwb3i/)

Language Support:

It’s now possible to translate member-facing overlays (profile, checkout, etc.). If you need this, please contact us.

#12 - Invite Collaborators

You can now invite team members and clients to your MemberStack dashboard.

#11 Custom User Profiles

Create organized and beautiful profile UI’s that look and feel exactly the way you want.

#10 User-specific Pages

Build personalized pages on your site that are only available to one member. Perfect for clients, businesses, and other high-value members.

#6 - MemberStack is in Open Beta

A LOT has changed since the last update - here’s an overview.

  • Brand new API with docs
  • Help center (more articles every day)
  • Optional “Tour Mode” to help with site setup
  • Improved validation on URLs and redirects
  • Hidden Content Classes are now Hidden Content Attributes
  • Improved consistency on signup and login forms
  • Improvements to the setup checklist