Updating member info with a profile picture

Hi there,

Is it possible for members to upload (and later on change) a profile picture to their profile?


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Hey Ramon,

Yes and no :slight_smile: We have some users who’ve created public profiles and directories with profile images using the Webflow CMS and Zapier.

We’ve had significantly more demand for this sort of functionality than we first expected, so Tyler and I will likely come out with a native solution in the future. I have a couple questions for you:

  1. Who should be able to see the profile pictures?
  2. Why are these profile images important to you?
  3. Are you currently solving this another way?

Great to hear! To answer your questions:

  1. Every visitor of my website needs to see the member’s profile picture
  2. Profile images are important because i’m developing a directory website where a user’s profile is practically a page on my website for everyone to see.
  3. I’m currently solving this just by implementing my own code in a dashboard so user’s can upload.
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Thanks for explaining! I have some good news for you. What you want to do is totally possible. @finlayconn , @jason_tinnin and several other users have found ways to create/update public profile pages with Zapier.

https://www.unicornfactory.nz/ - Connor made this one.

Tyler put together a little video on updating CMS items here. https://www.loom.com/share/b7e9981019234ca9b24c6e659956ecb2

The actual file upload is the tough part. I’ve got it working with Upload Care before, and I know several other users who have this working with the native Webflow file upload.

Just wanted to let you know that many tutorial videos across the site aren’t working. They’re returning an Internal Server error.

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