Updating membership info

Hi! Quick question about updating membership info. I’m using Webflow and after learning API to get member data from here
I can’t find API to update member info, for example I need access to update membership.current_period_end. How canI update it by API in easy way?

Hi Justa,

Right now there is no programatic way to update membership info. That said, you can update member profile info using our updateProfile api method.

We plan to add a more robust API in the future that would allow you to update membership info.

Thank you for your answer.
So when user signup and put some date we don’t have possibility to remove him from membership after few days after this date? There is not any workaround?
And you plan add API for updating membership in near future or far future? :slight_smile:

Can you help me?
I am going user page that user can change their password.
I didn’t find the api to cahnge the password.
What can I do