Upgrade link redirect

Hi all,

I’ve added upgrade buttons to my basic membership navbar and dashboard, however I recognize that these links are the same link as the memberships themselves. Normally, this seems very convenient, but:

  1. When members sign up on my site through the membership URL, they are automatically redirected to 4-page onboarding flow.
  2. If they upgrade, I do not need them to repeat this flow (or I could create a separate upgrade onboarding flow)

How can I change the success redirect link of a membership url if it’s just for an upgrade and not a new member?


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Hey Jake, I’ll add your Q to our roadmap. Maybe there’s a convenient toggle we can add somewhere to help with this.

In the meantime, you’d need to create duplicate memberships with different redirect links. This is a bit of headache to maintain, but should do what you need.

What website builder are you using? You’ll want to make sure only members have access to the “members only” upgrade links.

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Got it sounds good.

I will probably let it go through the onboarding flow again, but add a “skip tutorial” type of link somewhere in case they recognize they’ve gone through it before.


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