[URGENT] 3 Crucial Bugs to Squash!

Bug #1: [Large, Roach.]

“Rewrite your login link” feature not working…

For users who have purchased a membership on our site, and logged in to their account, then leave their member’s area, they are unable to find their way back to their member’s area because there is no button in the navbar that would ideally say [View Your Membership].

This feature is supposed to turn the “Login” button into “View Your Membership” for logged-in members, but instead, it just disappears altogether - any ideas why?

Bug #2: [Large, Roach.]

Membership status not automatically changing after payment/upgrade.
A member recently paid for premium membership out of a free membership – although they were charged for the upgrade, they remained in the free member group.

Additionally, I can’t seem to figure out how I can manually change someone’s membership which is something I’ll need to be able to do.

Bug #3: [Tiny, Ant.]

When you are on Safari and enter the modal form and try to type into a line of text Safari auto-zooms you closer to the text. This is because the text size is too small on the modal forms. Is there a way to edit the text size of the modal pop-up forms so that this does not happen?

Hope all this helps!

  • Max
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Hey Max :wave:

  1. Remove the ms-login=“true” attribute. That’s what’s causing the issue :+1:

  2. Please share the member’s email address with me privately. I’ll look into what went wrong.
    We’re actively working on the ability to change a membership via the dashboard. Update soon :crossed_fingers:

  3. Yup! Add this bit of CSS to the header of your site. It will effect ALL Memberstack modals. Let me know if you need to target something more specific.

    .ms-style {
       font-size: 15px !important;

Hey Duncan!

First off, I hope you and the team were able to remain healthy throughout this pandemic!

I wanted to let you know of a new project I’ve been working on called BlogPigeon. It’s a service that connects writers with blog owners to create high-quality SEO-optimized written content that generates organic traffic.

I’m building everything with Webflow once again… feel free to take a sneak peek at what I have going: https://blogpigeon.webflow.io/ (possibly just blogpigeon.com by the time you read this).

I really appreciated you taking the time to hop on a video call last time to see whether to or not Memberstack would be a good fit. I have a few questions to see if Memberstack is right for the project, and was wondering if you’d be able to hop on a 15-30 minute call sometime soon?

Let me know!

Thanks Duncan.

  • Max