Urgent Multiple memberships for one user (rather than upgrading to a premium for example)

Hi Guys,

Need some urgent help.

I have set up this site (currently in development).


If you head over to the programmes - all programmes page you’ll see a list of all the different memberships I need to create.


I need the ability for users to have multiple memberships active at once - for example, everyone needs to buy and complete the Initial Health Discovery Appointment before being able to access the other programmes.

I’ve set up the first two memberships you can see in the grid, but once I have “bought” one of them, I can only change my membership, rather than add that second membership to my current membership.

If this doesn’t make sense, could I please arrange a call from someone on the Memberstack team?

Thanks a lot,


Hey Tom :wave:

Thank you for breaking down the problem. We currently do not have a way for multiple memberships to be active at once. From what I can see, maybe a workaround for your use case would be to add the Initial Health Discovery as a one-time additional set-up fee. :smiley:

I had a quick call with @tompiggott - I was able to at least figure out how to redirect someone to another page if they don’t have a Memberstack attribute defined as something.

This is using the Memberstack frontend api and would go in the page “/body”

var memberID;
MemberStack.onReady.then(function(member) {
   THIS = member["THIS"]
 MemberStack.onReady.then(function (functionRedirect){
     window.location = "https://redirect.link";

Imagine, if “THIS” was replaced with “First Name” & “SOMETHING” was replaced with “Chris” > The page would redirect to a specific page if anyone’s first name was saved as “Chris” in Memberstack

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Thanks Chris!!! :clap:

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