Use Memberstack on two separate sites

Hi there,

I am wondering if it is possible to use the same Memberstack set of memberships across multiple domains:

  • Webflow generated site
  • React/Redux application that I’ve built and maintain

I think it’s possible because I see MemberStack works on any website, page, or domain with your installation code in the header. in Site Settings, but I don’t know how I would add two URLs for testing. Does this mean I can use multiple installations of MS for the same db of users, but just not TEST both at the same time?



Hey Melanie, you’re exactly right :grin:

If you add the same script to 2 different “sites” then a member can log into both without a problem.

There are a few potential draw backs though:

  • You’re correct that you can’t test both sites at once.
  • You’ll need to match the file structure/names on both sites
  • If a member logs into one site and clicks through to the other site they will appear logged out because each site is unaware of the other. If they log into the new site they will essentially have two “active sessions” going.

Will any of those things be an issue for you? If so, I’ll make sure we consider it when we revisit.

Hi Duncan,

Thanks for the reply. All three of the things you mentioned are minor difficulties. There are so many benefits to using memberstack from a non-technical perspective that I think we’re willing to manage the downsides for now.

To address them one by one from an engineering perspective:
1- Of course I’d prefer to have multiple testing domains, but it’s certainly possible to test one at a time. This will just require coordination of changes between the engineers working on the React/Redux app and the product folks working on webflow.
2- Yeah I saw routing would need to match across both properties. It’s slightly annoying but again not a blocker, we just will use a fairly generic route name for both.
3- Yeah, this is the biggest of the three issues because it has user-facing consequences. It’s certainly not ideal for a user to login multiple times across multiple properties. However I hypothesize that I can send encrypted user credentials from within the webflow site to the React application, so that a user redirected from webflow will be able to “login” programmatically without them seeing it on the frontend :slight_smile: I’ll let you know how it goes.

By the way. Testing the existence of a login form On my React app from within Memberstack does not work. It’s a small thing, but you must be parsing the DOM before the Jsx is injected into the HTML. No problem now, but lots of initial confusion! Let me know if you’d like me to clarify further.

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Awesome!! These are all things we want to address as we make Memberstack more developer-friendly.

Looping in @belltyler here in case he has any q’s or suggestions. Also saving your notes to our roadmap.

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Thanks, Melanie :pray:

Hi Duncan,

On a related note, I have a Webflow site that I’ll be adding Memberstack to, but I’d also like to create a mobile app of the same site in Adalo, can I implement Memberstack in both of these situations whereby the User preferences/favourites/details will be able to be accessed by both platforms? Not simultaneously, and it’s ok that they will likely need to login again, but it should work right?


Hey Tess, welcome to the forum :partying_face:

To be 100% honest… I’m not sure :thinking: We haven’t tested Memberstack on an Adalo app yet. I think a quick prototype would be a great next step here.

Hello @DuncanHamra,

I had a follow-up question to what I asked before. As I mentioned, I have two properties: one built in Webflow and another built in React. I am aware that if a user logins to the Webflow site, they will have to login a separate time on the React site, the user auth data does not sync across properties.

What I would like to do is link to the React site from within the Webflow site. If a user clicks on a given link or button, I’d like to send the login credentials in a request of some sort to my React site, which would programmatically sign the user in without them noticing any info was sent. Do you have any ideas about how this can be accomplished?

I am thinking about sending credentials in the HTTPS url or in the header, but I’m not sure if this will work… time to build a poc, thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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Hey Melanie :wave:

I have limited knowledge of what you are trying to do but I have read that sending credentials in a URL is not recommended because it wouldn’t be secure. That being said, I did find this interesting article that talks about sending tokens instead. I hope this gets you on the right track. If I have missed the mark please let me know and we can figure It out. :smile:


Although there is a few drawbacks to using one database across multiple sites. We are actually setting this up as a pro for our clients.

We have a group of companies within the same industry all offering different services. We are creating a series of websites all integrated with a single memberstack DB and promoting it as a “hub” account which will allow users to log into all the various platform with one login. Similar to how services like Adobe Creative Cloud works.

This is a huge benefit to companies with multiple offerings and definitely worth considering. :slight_smile:

This is the intent anyway, I’ll let everyone know the results.


Yep, this is definitely a positive aspect of this with an upcoming project that I have in the works - as a user, it’s perfectly natural to assume that I have to log in separately to different sites, even if I’m using the same credentials… at the end of the day I’m still saving time by not having to sign up to multiple services.

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