User-created pages / records

Attempted to search for an answer, but wasn’t able to find anything, so here goes.

Would it be possible to allow a user to create CMS items / links that only they have access to? The way I’m thinking of setting this up is to have a user-submitted form create a new record in Airtable. But I’m unsure how to then restrict access to that record / CMS item to only that user.

Would this be possible? :question:

Hey @Rabbels :wave: I do this with “lookup tables” in Airtable.

I have a table that maps the MemberStack member id to a Webflow CMS item id.

The basics are…when the form is submitted, I have MemberStack inject the currently logged in members id into a hidden form field. Then in Zapier/Integromat, I search the table for a member id <—> item id match. If no match, don’t perform the action (create, update, etc…) if it’s a successful match, continue.