"User get User" referral program with Webflow (not Rewardful)

Just wondering whether anyone has had any success creating a referral program with memberstack?

I’ve read this post, and am aware of the rewardful integration with MS, but I was wondering whether anyone has created anything that allows users to refer other users and (for example) get coupons in MS, or anything similar?

e.g. As a user, I want to get a unique link, share that with someone, and when that person signs up they get an X discount and I get a similar X discount.

As a hacky solution, I guess you could create a coupon for each member, then apply discounts manually through Stripe, but this could get pretty messy.

Is there any way for a coupon to be generated via the API @DuncanHamra @belltyler?

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Hey Alastair,

This isn’t possible to do yet…there isn’t a way for coupons to be generated through the API either😕

Totally see why this would be useful though so I have added to our roadmap. If you have anymore ideas as to what you your use-case would be, add to this thread and we can account for them😀

In the meantime would the rewardful integration help?

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Thanks @Mollyfloyd24

Just to follow up @mollyfloyd24 - I also just created this similar but slightly different topic here. Having read more into Rewardful, it should be possible - right?