User has submitted MS checkout form, but no user created / payment taken

I’m using Heap for analytics, and have seen that there have been 3 unique users who have submitted the ms checkout form, but no user has been created / no payment taken.

I don’t have the email addresses of these users, so have no way to verify exactly what errors they had.

In Heap, I can see that the form has been submitted.
In Facebook events, I can see that the ‘confirm and pay’ button in the memberstack modal has been pressed.

So it looks like this user(s) has attempted to pay, but there has been an error.

Other than what can be seen in Heap, is there anything in MS available to see what has happened?

I’ve had users who have successfully submitted the form, so it’s not affecting everyone.

Here is the non-identifying information from Heap that suggests that the form has been submitted.



Target Tag:


Target ID:


Target Text:

New Credit or Debit Card Confirm and Pay €14.00

Hierarchy: div#memberstack-checkout-portal div.w-embed form#stripe-checkout-form

div#memberstack-checkout-portal div[data-cy=membership_coupons]

The path this user too was clicking on ‘get started’ on, then to

Hi Alastair,

If those users clicked “Confirm and Pay” after entering in a credit card, but never completed signup, then most likely they received a Stripe Card Error.

A Card Error can be a bunch of different things, but the most common is the typical “You card was declined” message.

In Stripe, under developers, then logs, you can see all API requests that are made to the Stripe server. In there, you will see requests that have failed payments. I think that is what you will find here…

Hi @belltyler - thanks for this.

I had checked in Stripe (Developer -> Logs) but there’s nothing there are that time (for a failed payment or anything else relating to a customer)

So to confirm, the form is submitted even if the payment fails?
If the payment fails, is there no customer created (both in MS & Stripe)?

Hi @belltyler - this has happened to a couple more customers.

There is nothing in Stripe logs. Does Memberstack have logs of data that was sent to Stripe?

From Heap I can see that the form was submitted, but can’t see how else I can troubleshoot what has gone wrong here.