User profile data storage

  1. Is it possible to link and store any data/content with the user profile? Is the content type predefined? Can the data model be extended by developer?

  2. What would be the easiest way to bind custom function to the submit button of web form if I don’t want function to be visible to the end-user via webpage html inspection? Is it necessary for me to build and host a seperate application just to call it’s API or do you make this process any easier? Maybe by providing integration with any webservice covering this problem?

Thank you!


Hi Luka,

  1. yes! This is possible in a few different ways.

    • Add custom fields on our /forms page. You can set them to be “hidden” so that they don’t show up in the members profile. Yet, you can still access/set those fields as an admin. Or through our JS API. You can even update those fields through Zapier.

    • Member Metadata (JSON format). You can set/access member metadata through our JS APi. Scroll down on this link to see the docs

  2. Can you explain a bit more about what you’re trying to do? I just want to make sure I answer the question correctly :grinning:

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