Using a custom URL instead of the #ms-signup- link

Hi, I am using a widget to build a dynamic pricing table for my services, and when I try to use the #ms-signup-XXXXX code to link to the membership signup page it isn’t working. Is it possible to link to a URL instead?

Specifically, I have built my dynamic pricing table using an app called elfsight.

Thank you!

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Hi Stan!

You’ll be able to do this at some point in the next 48 hours. I’ll try to remember to ping you when you can.

The new code will look something like this:

That link right there would take someone to the signup page on your domain. Everything after the # is what tells Memberstack which plan the user wants to signup for.

Hey Stan :wave:

The new UI is online. Go your page and try using those new links. Hopefully it will work :crossed_fingers:

If not, it means elfsight is loading after Memberstack. Let me know if that’s the case. There may be an eventual solution here.

What would the direct link look like in Carrd ?
I need to insert the link in an outgoing email

#ms-xxxx links will only work if attached to a button in Carrd