Vetting Members before signup

Hokai groovers and shakers, a conundrum that needs the help of the brains trust!

I have three categories of ‘members’. One of which is ‘suppliers’.
What we’d like to do is:

  1. Supplier fills out an application form on Webflow (check)
  2. Admin is notified via Webflow that a new application is awaiting approval (check)
  3. Admin vet’s supplier (check)
  4. Admin sends the approved supplier an email with a Memberstack payment link that the supplier completes (ISSUE)
  5. Supplier becomes a ‘new [supplier] member’ (ISSUE)

Is it possible to execute points 4 and 5?
or, have I not had enough caffeine and there is a much simpler way to achieve the above?

In advance, many thanks!

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That’s sounds doable to me. I’d be curious of any other solutions posted here (might be better than mine). That said, my thought would be to just sent them a link to the registration (signup) page, and have that page “hidden” - e.g. no internal links to it anywhere on the site.

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Hey Barry :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

@ChrisDrit is correct. In the approval email, you would send them a hidden URL that has a button to login and signup for the paid membership. This would collect their payment info and get them in the membership.

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Thanks Josh for your prompt reply !

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