View members' passwords and change them remotely?

Hello! I’m creating private member pages manually for specific clients (we don’t let the clients sign up, we create the account ourselves and then pass the credentials to the clients so they can log in) and I was wondering: where can I view members’ passwords? In the Members section of the dashboard I can only see the other credentials, but not the password. I should be able to change it directly or at least be able to access it from the dashboard itself. Is there any way I, as the admin, can do this?

Thanks for your time!

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Hi there :wave: Welcome to the community!

The only person who knows the password is (hopefully) your members. No one else can view a members passwords (us, you, or anyone else). We did this for security reasons.

That said, we’ve received a number of requests of access to passwords. Could you share why you need it? I’ll add your feedback to our roadmap, and let you know if we decide to update this :+1:


Hey Duncan,

I’d like to be able to reset (not see) a users password on the backend just in case they are having issues resetting a password with a typo or something. Then I can communicate with them by phone or in person the new password I set for them. It’s kind of like how it works as a Gmail Admin. You can always reset (but never see) a user’s password.


Hi @DuncanHamra, I would really love this to be a feature too.

I have a dashboard style member site, which I use to display brand content to specific brand ambassadors (using the membership function to control which content each ambassador can see).

I control all aspects of the site so I need to be able to see the passwords and change them internally without having to reset.

Would be great to get this feature added!

I think the best option is what a lot of membership sites do: never allow the site creator to see a password that the user made but allow them to manually reset the password to whatever they like and if they want, inform the client of what it is. However, you can only reset, not see the password once set by either party. This is how the membership management systems I have worked with in the past work. Thus, both you and your members have the ability to reset but neither to see. Is the suggestion understandable?