Webflow CMS - allow members to submit stories, add users to stories, allow users to edit published stories

So in Webflow we have collections for posts and authors - I just want to make sure I’m thinking through this the right way.

What I would like to do is have the ability for there to be user generated content on my site. Webflow has something called “editors” for the site, but the number of these are quite limited.

Ideal situation: Someone creates a new account using memberstack workflow. They’re added to the “Members” collection. The user can then “Create a New Story”. They write their story out and submit it (which goes into the “Story” collection), They are added to an “Author” field in that story collection for that story, and it goes into an approval process to myself (and other site admins), we approve it, which publishes the story to the site in the story collection, which is tagged with them as the author. They would also have profile pages, that are linked on the story, where people can view all stories submitted by that user. And that user can, and here might be the tricky part, view, edit, and republish any of their stories they own.

Are all of these things possible with Memberstack:Weblow connections? Do you see anything that might trip me up - if I had to guess it would be Story approval flows, and members having edit rights to stories they published.

Thoughts from the community?

@Refactors yes, technically all of this is possible. However, you need to either have some help or some decent development skills to do it.

I have some development experience, I’m not afraid to rollup my sleeves to do this - just need to know it’s possible and a direction to head to accomplish it.

Anyone happen to know generally what I need to be looking at for this to work? Is it APIs or something? Let me know, thanks!