Webflow CMS pull content based on logged-in user


I’m currently building a platform where I need a dashboard with specific user data – each user has his own unique data in the dashboard which should only be visible to them (for example earnings). I would love to use the built-in Webflow CMS, but I’m not sure if I could make it happen. I know that Webflow offers a conditional visibility feature, but I’m not sure to what extent that can be utilized. If possible, I was thinking of only pulling the data of the specific logged-in user.
If using the native Webflow CMS is not an option, would it be possible to pull data from an API that’s hooked to a database of the users content securely by looking up who is currently logged in and sending the user-id with the API call? I mean sure, I could only send the user-id of the currently logged-in user and get the data that’s matching that user-id, but that wouldn’t be secure at all, so there would have to be some sort of other authentication included in the call.

Maybe some of you have any ideas on how I could achieve this or have worked on something similar in the past.

If there are any question, please don’t hesitate to ask!

I would love to hear what you think,
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Hi Marcel! This is a great question. I’ll do my best to answer!

I see several different options here.

Option 1 (easy and secure): Use member profile information. In MemberStack you would add custom profile fields on the forms page. On each added field you can enable the “Hide from Profile” switch. This makes the field only editable by you, the admin. Also the field itself won’t show up in the members profile. This said you can still use our ms-data attributes to pull that data into your site. Here’s a page that shows how to do that (https://help.memberstack.io/post/personalize-text-with-your-members-data)

Option 2: Use our member specific pages feature. This would allow you to use the Webflow CMS. That said, this involves more moving pieces and is a bit harder to setup. Here’s a how-to link (https://help.memberstack.io/post/user-specific-pages)

Please let me know if you have any questions about this!