Webflow - creating a custom signup form for each membership

Hey, guys.

Another question.

I have multiple memberships that have different a different price, and we’ve designed a Sign Up form that functions when it’s linked to the Sign Up Form in the Forms Section in Memberstack, but when I set up a new custom form in Webflow, how do I connect that specific form to one membership? Whenever I try to link the attributes, and I click inside the form field, it opens the Popup Modal by Memberstack.

Or if its possible to have one form, but with the ability to choose the plan from a dropdown or something like that when the user is inputting their information.

Hey Broda :wave:

Here is a nice video to show how to create custom signup forms :grinning:

I’m trying to create one sign up form in webflow with a dropdown list where the user can select the membership they want. I’ve gone through all of Memberstack’s articles and can’t find anything.

It seems like it should be doable using the membership-id attribute? @Josh-Lopez