Webflow E-Commerce + Amazon Fulfilment

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I’m looking for some answers but I’ll be easier if I tell you what I’m doing first -

I’m building a subscription e-commerce website for one of my clients. We’ve been building their fantastic product over the past few months, essentially a hero supplement product like what huel started with, and so although you can buy a months supply on its own, we’re wanting to push for this supplement to be purchased through a subscription.

With that, you get the product, but we also want the additional pages and feature set that MemberStack will bring.

What I’m struggling with is figuring out is -

  1. How I can create a subscription model through MemberStack for physical e-commerce goods.
  2. If there is a way in linking to Amazon Fulfilment to the subscription model (I imagine we’d need to build a custom API for it, but is it possible to integrate this?)
  3. Lastly, daftly, can customers order just one month through MemberStack? (I’d like all payments to be through the one system)

I greatly appreciate any help and assistance to my novice self & I hope others can learn from this too!



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I should also note, the Zapier integrations for MemberStack > Amazon FBA does not support the creation of product orders. The e-commerce platform foxy.io does, so I’m wondering if this is a feature that could be added to Memberstack?

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1 & 2. MemberStack is all about digital subscriptions at the moment. So for this to work, you’ll need to find a way to connect MemberStack with other applications. I’m thinking our front-end API and/or webhooks could help.

3. Yes! It will still technically be a subscription, but will only charge them once.

Re Zapier: Yeah, I’m seeing the same thing. We don’t have any immediate plans, but I’ll add it to the roadmap as a potential feature.