Webflow + Memberstack Business Directory

Hello dear community,

I’m looking for a solution that allows visitors of the website to register first and then create their company within their account, which will then be displayed in the company directory. Within the profile page the company can be edited and it should be possible to preview the result. Users who come to the site do not need to be logged in to see the business directory. Additional features like rating, watchlist and company to claim for themselves would be great! Thanks for your help!

Example how it should work: http://www.startbase.de

Hey Marco,

I think here you’re looking for public profiles. If you want to create public profiles, you’ll need to use Webflow’s CMS and Zapier to make that work. Essentially you would send user information to Webflow so a CMS item is created for them.

It’s definitely possible, but quite complicated. We have a list of freelancers that could help you if you wanted to go down that route - https://airtable.com/tblVlmrIOU9vf7nNT/viwpiKFRajcOWBnIb?blocks=hide

Hope that helps, but fire away if there is anything else😊

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