Webflow + Memberstack + Custom Web App

Hi, I am building an online service website.

Here is the plan:

  1. Building a site on Webflow.
  2. Web app develop separately and will be app.domain.com for example.

The web app will be a portal with user log in, dashboard and it’s functions. And the Webflow site will be integrated with Memberstack, mainly for hiding content from non-members.

Is it possible to archive this: When someone sign up on the web portal, the membership data from our custom app will push to and sync with Memberstack via API. So that user will not have sign up again on the Webflow + Memberstack site.

Hey Anthony :wave:

Thanks for the great question! I would integrate your app with zapier so you can create a new user in Memberstack from your app signup form. Then you can use Memberstack on the webflow site! Here is a list of zapier triggers and actions.