Webflow/Memberstack signup form NOT submitting email to site manager?

Hi Everyone! I was just notified by a client that when people sign up for their service they are not receiving an email with the sign up form information, only getting a notification from Stripe that payment has been made. Can anyone help?


Hi Jessica, we don’t have admin emails yet but they are on our list!

That said, I did create this video a few days ago showing how to setup signup notifications via Zapier.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this!

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Hi, Thank so much. My form is a webflow form so shouldn’t it still be sending the form submission to the site manager? Any chance I can get on a call with y’all and have someone take a look at it? Thanks so much! I’ve really appreciated how helpful you all have been in the past !

It’s working correctly if the signup form is not submitting to Webflow :sweat_smile:

We did this for a few different reasons but mainly for security. If the signup form submitted to Webflow, then the site manager would see all submitted passwords. That’s why we opted to have the form submission not go to Webflow.

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Hi Tyler,

Okay, I’m so happy with how easily this solution worked. I se it up and it was working well. Unfortunately the client needed new content added to the form (i.e. space for a physical address) since I’ve added these fields (in webflow and in memberstack), Zapier doesn’t seem to recognize them when I go to customize the email. Any thoughts?



Hi Jessica,

Zapier only “pulls” fields that it sees in the test member you’ve selected. It sounds like the “test” member that is selected doesn’t have the address field. Maybe it was added before you added the new field??

Here’s a pic of what to look for in Zapier. On the “Find Data” tab, you should be able to select another member for your data. Just verify that the member you select has the address field.

Once you do that you should have access to the address variable while customizing the email :slightly_smiling_face:

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