Webflow website member data

Hello, my name is Felipe and I am Webflow user.

One of my clients needs a website with password and profile for different users.

Is it possible to create something like this on the Memberstack?

150 different users and the possibility to see the pages that they visited individually.

Best Felipe Duarte

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Yes, this can be done with Memberstack.

Are the users going to access a specific page without others being able to see that page?

Maybe this can help https://help.memberstack.io/post/user-specific-pages


Hi Felipe, happy Friday!

MemberStack should be perfect for your client’s site. It’s really easy to create unique profiles and passwords for hundreds or thousands of members. I recommend using another service like Heap or a chat bot to track page views.

Here’s a tutorial that explains how to create private profiles. https://memberstack.webflow.io/tutorial/basic-tutorial

Here’s a tutorial that explains how to create public profiles with Zapier: Update Specific User in CMS

P.S. We already sorted this via chat, but I wanted to repost for others to see.

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