Webhook Payload


I’ve set up a webhook for when a member is created.

Is there a way to include the password (the user password, as entered during setup) as part of the payload?


For security reasons we are unable to pass passwords to zapier or through webhooks. We actually don’t store plaintext versions, only hashed versions of passwords.

Ok - basically I’m looking to allow a ‘newly created’ user’s pwd to serve as the login for both the memberstack modal and for the 3rd party site that the modal will live on.

Obviously, I don’t want to make users create a pwd for the memberstack signup and another one for the site itself.

How are your users handling this?

PS - couldn’t you still store the pwd as hashed, yet allow the pwd to be pulled from the modal’s pwd input (at the time of creation, and only at the time of creation) so we can put it as a parameter into a webhook payload?

Maybe this is a security risk too, I don’t know. Just trying to clarify that I’m not asking for it to be put into Zapier - and I’m not asking to be able to pull the pwd at any time other than at the moment of creation when it is still in the modal input (and is not yet hashed in the db)… Basically I just want to put it into the webhook payload at the moment of its creation.

PPS - sorry if the above is sophomoric.

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