Welcome email after signup - Webflow


I have a Webflow website connected with Memberstack and Zapier, and I would like my users to receive an welcome email after signing up. I would love to connect with Mailchimp if possible.

Any guidance or help please?

Thank you.

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Hey Bentot :wave:

Zapier is going to be your friend here. Since we don’t have a direct Mailchimp integration you’ll need to go from Memberstack β†’ Zapier β†’ Mailchimp.

Here’s how to get access to our Zapier app:


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Thank you Duncan for your quick answer. Do you have by any chance a tutorial video that I can follow along? It would help so much!

Thank you.

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Hello Duncan,

Would it be possible to have a tutorial video to create the welcome email after signup in Webflow with Memberstack -Zapier - Mailchimp please?

Thank you!


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Below is a 6min tutorial video on how to send welcome emails with Memberstack β†’ Zapier β†’ and a mailing service.

Thank you so much Duncan. I appreciate it!