What Payment Gateways work? (Included in Stripe or not)

Hey everyone!

Just found out about Memberstack since we’re looking for a way to add member areas to websites we create in webflow. Now, in Germany not offering Paypal is just a conversion killer - is it possible to integrate Paypal payments with zapier? Also another question would be if other services supported by Stripe work with Memberstack (like Klarna, SEPA, SOFORT etc.)

Thanks in advance!

Hey @niklastomkowitz,

Firstly a big welcome to Memberstack🎉

Unfortunately for now we only support Stripe payment platform. We do have other payment platforms on our roadmap but don’t have an exact ETA on when they will be ready yet. We are currently in the process of hiring more developers to join the team so that we can get lots of new features released😅

We will keep you updated on the progress of new payment methods.

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Hey @mollyfloyd24,

thanks for the quick answer! In the Stripe Documentation I could find more payment options than credit / debit card. Are those supported by Memberstack?


Hey @niklastomkowitz,

Thanks for sending the screenshot. Unfortuatnely Memberstack doesn’t support these payment methods yet🙁 It is on our roadmap though! We are focused on expanding the team first and then new features will be released faster😅 Thanks for being so patient!

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