Why does my Log in button dissappear?

i’ve added a log in button to a client’s web page. The log in modal pops up. After signing in the log in button which is also meant to redirect people to a members area disappears. Thus, people can’t navigate back to the membership area of the website. What is happening? What am I missing?


  • Colin

Hey Colin :wave:

Try adding another button next to the login and give it an attribute of data-ms-content=“members” and it should show only for users who are logged in. This would be your dashboard button. We are deprecating the rewrite button feature because this new attribute gives more flexibility. :smiley:

@Josh-Lopez got it. I’ll try that out. Will that then allow it so that when someone navigates to the home page they see a log in button but no the members button and when they’re actually logged in they’ll see the members button and not the log in button?

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yes! :grinning: That’s what will happen!