Why would Memberstack fail to load? (Can't replicate)

Hi team,

I have had a couple of incidences where it seems like Memberstack has failed to load properly in Chrome. Do we know of any extensions or other situations that might/commonly stop MS loading? The symptoms are:

  • Customers can see both the login and the logout buttons (visibility determined by ms-logout=true for the logout button, and ms-hide-element=“true” for the login button)

  • They can’t see anything on the login page (Login box hidden from members by data-ms-content="!members", after-login information hidden from non-members by data-ms-content=“members”)

I have checked with one customer, and javascript was enabled. Additionally he was able to view the text of a page that would have redirected him to a “no-javascript” page using the no javascript powerup, if he didn’t have javascript enabled.

So that sounds to me like MS failed to load properly.

This customer was able to get the website to work correctly in Edge browser, as well as Chrome incognito mode (suggesting extension interference?). He checked a couple of weeks later, and he is not having problems with Chrome anymore. His only Chrome extensions are “Google doc, sheets, off line model; Adobe Acrobat; and WebAdvisor (a feature of McAfee security suite)”

These issues have come after updating the site to avoid the flash of content, as per this article: https://help.memberstack.com/en/articles/4252581-stop-the-page-from-flickering-ms-content

… although that could be a coincidence. It also comes after implementing the show/hide content on the login page. Previously logged in members would still be able to see the login box. So the problem might have existed before, but they’re only aware of it now.

So the main question is… do we know of any possible cause for this problem, without being able to replicate it? It seems pretty rare, but I’d still like to give people a better answer than “try another browser”.

Hey Aletta :wave:

We don’t see anything wrong from our end. Do you know where the member is located? It may be an internet speed issue but I don’t have enough data to confirm that yet. Would your member be willing to create a loom.com video so we can try and fix this issue? :smiley:

Hey Josh. I would if I could replicate it, but I can’t. So it’s just a hypothetical question.

Just wondered if there were any known issues that could cause it to happen.

This is the first I have heard of this issue. :slight_smile:

Just to jump in here @aletta - you mentioned that even the “Require Javascript” code snippet failed to work. Just to confirm, is this the snippet (or similar) that you refer to?

   <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=https://www.memberstack.io" />

If so, that indicates that it is not a Memberstack issue. The code snippet above is powered by using the standard HTML <noscript> tag - nothing to do with Memberstack. So if that is displaying, it suggests a local issue (browser configuration / internet speed as Josh suggests).

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Hi Andy, thanks for the reply. Sorry if I wasn’t super clear.

It wasn’t so much a case of the “require javascript” snippet failing to work. I’m assuming the snippet worked just fine, and it was just that the customer had javascript enabled. So the snippet wasn’t going to fire anyway.

It could be that they had javascript temporarily disabled, and then the snippet failed to fire, in some weird coincidence. But what seems more likely is that it wasn’t a problem with lack of javascript. I’d say something else was interfering with MS loading.