Will Memberstack work with React application

I’m looking to create a React application for patient dashboard view. Can I integrate Memberstack to handle user login and get user metadata?

Copying the script url into the header is a traditional HTML/CSS project setup but could this be replicated in React? I saw a react-memberstack npm package but it has no documentations and cannot be used.

Hey Simon :wave:

Welcome, and thank you for posting in the forum! :partying_face:

React is fun! We are working on making our API more robust and developer friendly. Here are docs on our APIs Front-end API & Backend API. Can you tell us more about your use case and the struggles you are having with Memberstack? :smiley:

Hi Josh,

Thank you for the documentation!

The backend API looks pretty clear and straightforward, except I’m not sure how to get an API access token. Is it somewhere in my account or is there a route to call for that?

The frontend API is a little more confusing and is what I’m struggling with in React. How is the ‘MemberStack.onReady’ instantiated?

Here is where you go to get an API key. We do not have a link to it within the app because it’s still being worked on.

For the frontend API the onReady is initiated when Memberstack loads. :smiley: